Friday, June 28, 2013

Charlotte, NC; Matt Herman and the beauty of continued healing.

Today was a freaking awesome day. One of my best friends came over and we made pita bread, eggplant hummus and pasta and then headed off to Charlotte. We drove from NoDa, to Central Ave, to downtown, to Amelie's. We mostly just took pictures of one another and the city-scape, something us boonies don't see too often. Today was just one of those really good days. I wasn't worried about the break up, I wasn't worried about the fact that I'm broke. I just enjoyed. That's difficult to do these days. I'm thankful for close friends that I can daydream and reminisce with, and for the presence of God that follows me around everywhere I go, despite whether I feel Him or not. He's a good God and His glory is seen in all Creation, which is freaking mind blowing. Here's some photographs of the fun that I had today. They're completely unedited, so that's cool. 

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