Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pre-Mission Year: 1

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About a year or so ago, I ordered a book from Amazon called, "The Irresistible Revolution". I heard that it was a good read, but I never really expected God to change the way that I look at everything so dramatically through it. And by everything I mean the way I view scripture, the poor, community, the city, the marginalized, servitude, the world, Christ and myself. So I guess that consists of everything, right?
Through this book, I acquired a brand new view of what it looks like to follow Christ and ever since my heart has been even more drawn to simplicity, intentional community living, taking care of "the least of these" and experiencing, serving and growing in God through that. (If you haven't read the book, I certainly suggest that you do so).

After a year spent living in Asheville and going through one of the most difficult and darkest times of my life, I've finally been set free of absolutely everything holding me back and finally decided to take a "leap of faith" and apply to something called Mission Year. Thankfully, I was accepted! Although I don't know where I'm going to end up yet (hopefully in Houston, Texas with the Arts Team), I'm so excited for the things that I will be learning, the people I will be meeting and the growth that I will experience with Christ. I know that this upcoming year will definitely be a difficult one, but my Father has promised me something in it and I'm confident that He is faithful.

I can't do any of this alone though, and that is where you all come in!
Mission Year costs around 16,000.00 per person for a year, however; Mission Year asks its team members to raise only 12,000.00. This isn't like a college tuition payment that I rely on loans, grants and my parents' money for. I will be relying solely on the provision of God and the generous support of my friends, family and every one in between who feels called to contribute to my experience in Mission Year as well as the ministry itself.
So if you would like to donate to my Mission Year fund, click the picture above, find my name among all of the other Mission Year team members (or just pick someone at random, I'm sure they need it too!) and donate however much you feel led to donate. Every little bit counts!
I will also begin sending out newsletters once and probably before my time in Mission Year actually begins, so if you would like to be included in my mailing list, please message me with your address! I'd love to update you on my progress and experiences.

If you're wondering about all the specifics of Mission Year, have no fear! Here's a very general description of Mission Year and what I will be involved with while I'm in the program: 

Mission Year is a year long urban ministry program focused on Christian service and discipleship. We take teams of people, place them in an area of need, and help them to serve people and create community. We are committed to the command of Jesus to “love God and love people,” by placing the needs of our neighbors first and developing committed disciples of Christ with a heart for the poor.
(Above statement pulled straight from Mission Year's website,

To add to that, I will be living in a co-ed house with anywhere from 3-6 other housemates. I will be committing myself to 
approximately 20-30 volunteer hours per week, connecting with a neighborhood church, building relationships with neighbors, devoting myself to a disciplined prayer life with my housemates as well as alone, studying curriculum dealing with various subjects such as social justice, spiritual growth and interpersonal relationships. I will also be living off of 17.00 a week for groceries (my housemates are given the same amount) and 70.00 per month for personal items, toiletries, etc. 

So there you have it! If you have any questions about Mission Year, feel free to shoot me a comment, message me on Facebook, etc. I'd love to answer any question you have.
Also, if you feel lead to donate to my upcoming year, just click the above photo and it will lead you straight to where you need to go.

Above all and as difficult it is for me to believe at times, prayer is the most important component to the success of my time in Mission Year. So, if it isn't an option for you to donate and even if it is, your prayers are key. They are neededappreciated and they actually work.

You could also help me out financially by buying something from my Etsy store!

I make earrings, necklaces, wallets, rings, pouches, etc. I've also got some plans for patches and stationary sets!


  1. Oh Irresistible Revolution... wonder who suggested that book. ;)

  2. Some weird, smelly guy that I think is neat.

  3. You and I might have different definitions of "neat." :P

  4. Well, it wouldn't be the first thing we ever disagreed on. Sure it wont be the last. ;)

  5. That we disagree on so much?

  6. I just like that we both at least agree that you'll be around enough to disagree with me on some things. You know.

  7. Ooooooooooh I see what you did there. We'll see.

  8. This is awesome (and I'll have to check that book out as well, thanks for the recommendation haha), and I'll be praying for you! I'll be looking for updates and hopefully can help you out a little (I absolutely love your etsy blog and will share the link w others too!).