Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pre-Mission Year: 2/Idolatry/the goodness of God/sloppy writing

Lately I've been catching myself thinking,
Once I get to Mission Year, I'll be happy.
Once I get to Mission Year, I'll find freedom.
Once I get to Mission Year, I will be healed.
Today while I was in my car, God reminded me that Mission Year is not God. Mission Year can't make me happy, Mission Year can't give me freedom and Mission Year can't heal me. It didn't die on a Cross for me, it didn't create me in my mother's womb and it doesn't know the number of hairs on my head.
My tendency to so easily make something good into an idol is becoming easier and easier to catch the more time I spent with the Lord and that's something that I'm thankful for. 

Though I am extremely excited for Mission Year and all of the great things I'll be experiencing there, I have to remember to choose to keep my hope and my trust in Christ alone. Not in Mission Year, not in a guy, not in my identity and not in my dreams. And when I actually choose to put my faith in Him, I experience true comfort and feel real hope. God is starting to reveal to me what His goodness looks like and it's the most beautiful thing that I've ever (kind of) understood. 
And the more I experience and learn about the practicalities of God's goodness, the more I desire to be just like Him. He is so patient. He hates meanness for meanness' sake. He loves people. He hates idolatry (because He knows it isn't good for us, not because He's an egotistical control freak). He is kind. He's funny (and doesn't have to hurt someone else in order to do it). He is comforting, peaceful and nourishing. He is intentional. He is faithful and He's the perfect image of love. 
Like the rest of humanity, I was created to be just like Him. I want to get there. I know that God can use this upcoming year to continue to mold me into the woman He originally created me to be. My trust needs to belong to Jesus, not an organization. 

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