Tuesday, July 16, 2013

You Alone Know-The Soil and The Sun

Drawn out like a sword 
A river running through my fellow man 
Into my hands 

Coming back to break me 
Build it tall to cut it down 
Give me sight or make me blind 

On the ground I get 
Feel who created it 
In the brook I bathe 
Bare, before your gaze 
From the summit see 
Material that I don't need 

I don't need to understand 
Every word you speak to me 
I don't need to recognize 
Every truth, every time 
I don't need a bigger noise 

All I need is to hear your voice 

One dichotic seed 
Buried down inside of me 
Jaws like a holy war 
Claws like a burning sore 
It never ends, I'm caught up in 
What it'd be like 
To lose your love 

Building up our sanctuary 
In the walls of Babylon 
Free my body, heal my mind 

Under the surface locked in 
Some presupposed history 
And all my biggest talking 
Won't bring him home, back to me 

It's a thin line you're walking on 
And I can find fault in anyone 
So, watch what you say 
Watch what you say 

I thought I'd be much stronger 
As my hair is getting longer 
My Pillar of Wisdom 
Pillar of Wisdom 

The world under water 
Slowly lifts us to the Father 
But time is not my own 
Time is not my own 

I know it's freedom that's been given 
From the curses that we've lived in 
Remind me Your Name 
Remind me Your Name 

Yes, it's foolish what I'm saying 
You should hear what I've been praying 
For any other way 
Any other way 

Deliver me, Deliverer 
Good Spirit, come, Good Giver 
What wonder is this universe! 
In every heart unending worlds 

You know 
You alone know

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