Friday, November 1, 2013

Falling in love with six people.

Intentional community has its own sort of beauty. Sharing life with six other people certainly, certainly has its challenges and tough days, but being changed into a woman who is more kind, who is more thoughtful, who is more gentle and loving and who is more filled with the Light of God's Spirit while also watching all of my housemates being more filled with this Light is where I am beginning to find gratitude and joy. 

Sharing our meals, sharing our tough moments, sharing our joys and also our pains, giving our honesty, giving ourselves generously to one another, sharing our laughter and the healing powers that come with it have all been things that have led me to a deeper love for my community lately.

God has been answering many prayers and the gift of being aware of His presence and Spirit inside of me has been blessing me more and more lately. I am being healed. I am being made new every day. I am loved by a Good God who is here. Who has never left and who never will. 

One of the challenges I’ve been facing as of late is being obedient to the moment and being present in the things that are happening in the “here and now”. There is no hope for a better past and there is no sense in living in the future, as it isn’t here yet.
I’m praying to be healed of a heart full of want. I’m praying that the Holy Spirit would breathe on the coals in my Spirit. I'm thankful for six incredible people who will be with me through this year. Through the changes, through the trials, the hurt, the celebrations and the kinder, more lovable moments. 

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