Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Late night city walks

I walked around the city tonight for a few moments by myself. The streets were bare and naked without the abundant presence of humans and the crisp, spring wind gave the city a peaceful chill. I've begun resenting Asheville, at least the downtown areas. It's become annoying to me and the fact that everyone seems to be so much  alike and so weird doesn't help my distaste. Many people probably wont be able to resonate with this opinion, but the almost cookie cutter, trendy lifestyles (that we all seem to fit into on the surface here in Asheville) are growing monotonous to the point of sickening me.

Tonight was nice, however; because there were hardly any people out and the ones that I did see just seemed to be enjoying one another's company. They seemed to enjoy the nice change of pace, the peace and quiet of the city at night. I also liked that I could jay-walk without cars coming and going. Walking across town was a breeze compared to any time during the day.

As I walked, I got to take in the sweeter moments of walking in a city. The lights changing color, no sound to accompany or liven up the city's structures except for the occasional car or motorcycle's radio. It was silent.It was beautiful. 

As I was by myself on this silent, beautiful night, I looked up at the nearly-full moon and thought of Jesus and how He wept in the garden of Gethsemane.  I saw the moonlight and I pictured what it must have been like to see Him in such distress, the moonlight hugging, grasping onto it's Creator's face as tears and blood dripped down from His eyes. This sweet, sacred, climactic and completely sorrowful moment in history that the disciples so sleepily missed. I wonder what kinds of intense or significant moments I sleep through in my life. Whether I'm actually sleeping or am just tuning out the world and allowing myself to think without thought, I wonder what sorts of things I'm missing. I wonder what sorts of things God is whispering in my ear that I'm just not paying attention to.

Tonight was healing. Precious. I later met up with some friends to celebrate a birthday. It was lovely, loud, high-pitched and giddy. It's so lovely to be a woman sometimes.

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