Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby blue

Every morning as I make my way to the dinning hall to eat breakfast, I run my fingers across the short stone wall that follows me all the way to the edge of the road. I always love feeling the different textures of stone and moss, and touching things has always been an odd habit of mine. This morning as I was going through my usual routine, I came across this beautiful, fallen little robin's egg. Its fresh blue color caught my eye as it stood out from all of the earthy greens and grays. Sadly though, its surface was a bit damaged from its fall and wet from the morning's dew. Naturally for me, I immediately snatched the little fellow up and took it to my room. I placed it inside of an abandoned birds nest that I found a couple of months ago that I had placed inside of a gourd that I hollowed out. Afterwards, I put a big, chunky scarf inside of the gourd and placed it all under a lamp in hopes that my tiny little friend will survive if it hasn't already passed. What a sweet little morning surprise!

 God's creation is always so mind blowing. It's insane that a tiny little bird pops an egg out of its butt and after a bit of time and patience on the mother's part, the egg hatches and out comes another tiny little bird, whose beak sings sweet little songs that bless my abnormally small ears every morning and whose tiny tummys digest the little worms and bugs that live in the ground as mama bird delivers the grub to her babies until they're old enough to leave the nest. What a committed mama.

I love the way we  experience  God through nature. That every time we take a look outside, we see His love for us. Every golden, crisp sunset; every blade of grass that tickles our bare feet, every four leaf clover, every change of season, every gust of wind, every mountain silhouette, every delightful chirp of a bird and every unique cloud, all for us, His most prized and fallen creation to enjoy. What a creative and generous Father we have and O, how we take after Him when we create!

Today I am thankful for the joy that we can find in God's creation and for the unexpected gifts that we can find only if we take the time to enjoy what He's made for us.

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