Monday, March 17, 2014

Creation Hymn

Cold, rainy days typically are invitations for me to rest. Today I rested among the trees, I smelled the smell of wet dirt and moss, I heard the gentle gallop of a quick stream, I took my dog on a walk through briars and ferns, wet leaves and slippery rocks, I chatted with friends and experienced the refreshing presence of two kind, gentle souls.

I am a part of Creation, not above it.
My desire is to walk lightly, non-violently upon the earth, but how do I do that?
Does it mean letting go of my love for my opinions over my love for people?
Does it mean dialoguing with someone over shaming them?
Does it mean not giving into abusive systems of power?
Does it mean letting go of my defense-mechanism to always be right? 

I want to respect the forest floor, I want to respect the trees who offer me fresh air to breathe, I want to respect my animal brothers and sisters, I want to respect my neighbor, my enemy, the stranger.

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