Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Exploration Musings

I am in a season of Exploration. Of creativity, of inspiration, of rejection, pain, laughter, unknowing and dialogue. A place of Exploration because I am exploring who I am, who the Divine is, who other people are, what they’re like.  A place of Creativity because with letting go of your old self, with your old ideas and beliefs, you are given freedom to become who you really are, to come up with the ideas that you actually posses, that are your own and with that comes a sense of ownership given to us by the Divine. An ownership that allows us to say, “This is me, these are my thoughts, these are my hobbies and interests and passions and I was able to be a part of finding and putting this person that I am now together.” A place of inspiration because I’m constantly being inspired by the love and grace that my housemates offer to me, by the beauty of Creation and all the stray dogs that are in it, by the words of the authors that I love to read, by the passion of my friends who fight for the liberation of all people, all Creation. A place of rejection and pain because, I am looking for [people] to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone and the pain that comes from being rejected by someone that you love because your doctrine is not as “correct” as theirs is something that is incredibly disheartening. A place of laughter because laughter has become Holy to me. Laughter with my housemates has become a place of release, of therapy and healing. A place of unknowing because adventures and exploration and creativity are always filled with uncertainty, with risks and fright. Fright that you might be wrong, fright that you might be hated or disowned. A place of unknowing because questions are covered in disbelief and doubt and ignorance and curiosity. A place of dialogue because that’s where I grow most-when I take the time to listen to others in what they have to say, whether I agree with them or not. Because dialogue is where exploration begins. Questioning and doubting and believing all begins with a dialogue, with a question, with a doubt, with an uncertainty.

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